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Stander & Vennote Ingelyf Geregistreerde Ouditeure

Ouditeure & Rekenmeesters.   DIENSTE: Oudits & Onafhanklike oorsigte, Rekenkundige & Finansiële bestuur, Belasting Administrasie & Beplanning, Besigheidsadvies, Sekretarieël, Salarisadministrasie, Boedelbeplanning, Boedel Administrasie & Testamente.
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Delkor Brokers

Delkor Brokers are leading Financial Insurance Advisors that have been trading since 1964. We deliver a dynamic service to our clients. Our competent staff here at Delkor Brokers have built personal relationships with their clients and insurers over the years and are focussed to deliver on every client’s unique insurance portfolio.  What is the price of peace at mind? We take pride in knowing our clients become our friends, because you as a client are very important to us. You can contact us directly to submit your claim, ask for insurance advice or update your information.   Services: Short Term Insurance (Personal, Commercial, Agriculture, Harvest, Contractors…